The very nature of how our chess sets are made means that mass production simply isnít on the agenda. The Regency Collection luxury chess sets are produced in small batches with each set taking around five days to complete.
Each set comes supplied with a certificate of authenticity and a unique edition number. This number represents the exact quantity produced at the time of issue so you will know just how exclusive your set of chessmen is.


All chess sets in The Regency Collection come with a certificate to prove they are genuine. But why is this needed in the first place? The beauty of our chessmen is paramount, we therefore don't wish to spoil them by adding engravings of brand names and logos. The certificate that acompanies each set is what confirms the set is genuine, which set it is, the year in which it was made and who was responsible for designing it. It also shows the edition number, which relates to how may sets have been made to date, something you will be keen to know when purchasing a limited edition chess set.

Like everything in The Regency Collection the certificates are unique and special. Printed onto high grade paper and filled in with a unique blend of Regency Chess Company ink, signed by our director and embossed with our company stamp. The fakers might be able to produce pale immitations of our chess pieces, but faking the certificates won't be possible.

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The true value of our sets comes from their unique design, exotic woods, unsurpassed craftsmanship and their very limited production numbers, which is everything required to make them future classics for your family to treasure.

certificate of authenticity